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Shandong Advance Group Co.,Limited ® is one of the largest producer of mineral metals in China. Our products are available globally through agencies and distributors around the world.

Advance Group® is devoted to production of high-quality metals & hardware  for applications in a variety of markets. we produces a wide range of  hardware products :Wire rope,chains,Handrail hardware,rigging hardware,marine and deck hardware,lock series,bell series,nails,constraction hardware,OEM&custom casting & forged assemblies and so on. 

Advance Group® is committed to research and development. We are equipped with advanced equipment for the high quality control and products manufacture.European Standard,US standdard,Japanese standard,Korea Standard and special sizes prodcuts can be produced according to the clients’ request.

Advance Group® Advantages

Stable quality, Complete hardware products offering, rapid response, timely delivery, customized products.