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Chains Manufacturing

Advance Group has been devoted to the industry of link chains, cables & rigging hardware since 1991. We have a link chainswide range of machinery products, which are widely used in lifting, mining, marine, constructions and etc.

Our main products including :

Chains Series: Mining chains, sling & lifting chains(G80, G100 & G120), anchor chains, fishing chains, lashing chains, slag chains, elevator chains, stud anchor chains, high tensile lifting chains, scraper conveyor lifting chains, high wearing resistance link ch

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Hi, we're the manufacturer of chains, anchors, wire ropes, thimbles, ferrules, sockets, turnbuckles, shackles, hooks and other rigging & marine hardware. Special products can be customized according to the requests.
Kindly feel free to send your requests to our email: sales@mineralmetals, or leave your email or other contact method. Then we will get to you ASAP. Thanks!!!