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Stainless Steel Carabiner Snap Hooks

Stainless Steel Carabiner Snap Hooks

Stainless steel carabiner snap hooks are also known as carbine snap hooks, carabiner clips, Karabiner. There’re various types of spring hooks of Spring Hook W/ Eyelet/ No Eye/ Screw Nut/ Srew Nut & Eyelet/ Self Lock Nut/ Eyelet And Self Lock Nut/ Safety Latch/ Eyelet Safety Latch/ Self Locking Sleeve/ Fixed Pin, Asymmetric Carabiner, Locking Screwgate/Straight/Bent/Colored Carabiner.

carabiner hook with self lock nut

Carabiner W/ Self Lock

carabiner hook with self lock nut and eye

Carabiner W/ Self Lock & Eye

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