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Stainless Steel Snap Shackles

Stainless Steel Snap Shackles

We manufacture various types of Stainless Steel Snap Shackles: swivel eye/fork/jaw snap shackles, fixed eye snap shackles, Wichard snap shackles, quick-release shackle, rope snap shackle, spinnaker halyard snap shackle, Tylaska Halyard shackle, heavy-duty snap shackle. The shackles are highly polished & resistant to corrosion.

Swivel Snap Shackle With Round Ring

Swivel Snap Shackle With Round Ring

Snap Shackles Applications:

Snap Shackles are made from stainless steel 316 or 304 grade. There’re fixed type & swivel type snap shackles.

  • Fixed Snap Shackles are mainly used for genoa halyards, preventers, uphauls, downhauls and outhauls.
  • Swivel Snap Shackles are mainly used for¬†spinnaker halyards.

For bespoke sizes of snap shackles, kindly contact us directly for details.

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