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Wire Rope Thimble

Wire Rope Thimble

Wire Rope Thimble is made from stainless steel solid bar for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. Thimbles are used to keep the loop or eye shape of the cable grommets from crushing. There are many types of thimbles like BS464 /DIN6899 A/B thimbles, K2/K2B/K3/K3B/G414/G411 thimbles, DIN3091 Solid thimbles, tube thimbles, and etc.

What is a wire rope thimble?

Wire Rope thimbles are made of carbon steel or stainless steel by forging. It has an egg shape with a groove to put the rope into it. The thimble will support the wire rope eye for a longer time using.

A ferrule or wire rope grip will be fixed at the end to create the loop.

Wire rope thimble with ferrules & clips

The Steps of using a thimble with a ferrule for the loop:

Step 1:

Put the end of the rope through the ferrule and then around the thimble groove to form the loop.

Thimbles Installation Step 1

Step 2:

Pull the rope end through the thimble groove and the ferrule tightly.

Thimbles Installation Step 2

Step 3:

Press the ferrule firmly with crimping or swaging machines or tools to secure the loop.

Thimbles Installation Step 3

Create the loop with thimbles & clips

The steps of installation with thimbles & clips to form the loop is similar to the methods of installation with thimbles & ferrules. For more, contact us for details.

Thimbles Installation with clips
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