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Polyester Rope

Polyester rope|Terylene Rope| Dacron Rope|Trevira Rope|PET Rope

We manufacture polyester rope with constructions of 6 strands, 8 strands, 12 strands, 16 strands, 32 strands, double-braided, Twisted Ropes. Due to its high tensile strength, durability, low stretch, high melting point, it’s widely used for boat lines, mooring lines, lifting lines.R

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Hi, we're the manufacturer of chains, anchors, wire ropes, thimbles, ferrules, sockets, turnbuckles, shackles, hooks and other rigging & marine hardware. Special products can be customized according to the requests.
Kindly feel free to send your requests to our email: sales@mineralmetals, or leave your email or other contact method. Then we will get to you ASAP. Thanks!!!