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Lacing Eye|Pad Eye|Eye Straps Bunnings|Stainless Steel

Lacing Eye|Pad Eye|Eye Straps Bunnings|Stainless Steel

Lacing Eye is also called Pad Eye/Eyes, Eye Straps Bunnings, which is made from stainless steel. There’re various types of Lacing eyes with a round body, flat body, Strip Lacing Eye, Webbing Eye Strap, Reefing Eye Strap. The pad eyes are usually used as deck fittings for boats, yachts, industry, architecture. It can be installed with simple hand tools quickly and easily.

Lacing Eye


  • Material: Stainless Steel 316, 304.
  • Processing: Forged & Machined.
  • AISI316 Stainless steel is marine grade due to its good performance of corrosion resistance.
  • Quick & Easy Installation Design.
  • Finish: Highly Polished.
  • Application: Deck Fittings, Industry, Architecture.
  • Packing: Plywood cases.
  • Bespoke sizes are available.


Lacing Eye Diagram
ItemD mmH mmW mmW1 mm
4mm Lacing Eye3.2938.530
6mm Lacing Eye6.310.55745
8mm Lacing Eye8.318.58263

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