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JIS Type A Thimble|Japan Standard Wire Rope Thimble

JIS Type A Thimble|Japan Standard Wire Rope Thimble

JIS Type A Thimble is Japan Standard JIS B-2802/1964 Wire Rope Thimble Type A which is used to prevent the wire rope loop or eye from crushing. The thimbles are forged from the high tensile steel and heat-treated with tempering for durable use. The surface is finished with hot-dip galvanizing or electro-galvanizing upon request. Sizes from 6mm to 50mm and can bespoke.

JIS Type A Thimble


  • Material: High Tensile Carbon Steel.
  • Processing: Drop Forged and Tempered.
  • Finish: HDG, Galvanized, Original Color.
  • Application: To prevent the rope loop from crushing.
  • Packing: Gunny Bag, Ply wooden cases, Iron Box, or naked packing.
  • Sizes: 6mm to 50mm.
  • Bespoke sizes are available.


JIS Type A Thimble Diagram

Unit: mm

JIS Type A Thimble6682716263631
JIS Type A Thimble88103622354841
JIS Type A Thimble99114025385141
JIS Type A Thimble1010134528445841.5
JIS Type A Thimble1212155434526851.5
JIS Type A Thimble1414176138587861.5
JIS Type A Thimble1616207244689272
JIS Type A Thimble18182275487610072
JIS Type A Thimble20202486548511282
JIS Type A Thimble22222795609212292.5
JIS Type A Thimble24242910565102136102.5
JIS Type A Thimble26263111070110144102.5
JIS Type A Thimble28283312075120156112.5
JIS Type A Thimble30303513080125166122.5
JIS Type A Thimble32323814085135180133
JIS Type A Thimble34344014590140186143
JIS Type A Thimble36364215095150196143
JIS Type A Thimble383844160100155205153
JIS Type A Thimble404046170105165220163
JIS Type A Thimble424250180110175232174
JIS Type A Thimble444452190115180242184
JIS Type A Thimble464654195120190252184
JIS Type A Thimble484856205125195260194
JIS Type A Thimble505058215130205274204

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