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Grade 8 Tie Down Delta Ring|G80 Forged Webbing Delta/D Ring

Grade 8 Tie Down Delta Ring|G80 Forged Webbing Delta/D Ring

Grade 8 Tie Down Delta Ring is also called G80 forged triangle delta ring, webbing D/Delta ring, Lashing D/Delta link/Links. It’s made of alloy steel, quenched and tempered for the max working load. The webbing delta ring is used for webbing ratchet straps, winch straps, tow chains, lashing. The surface will be hot-dip galvanized. Sizes from 2″ to 4″ and can bespoke.

Tie Down Delta Ring


  • Material: High tensile Alloy steel.
  • Processing: Forged, Quenched & Tempered.
  • Proof Loading: 2 times Working Load Limit.
  • Ultimate Load: 5 times Working Load Limit.
  • QC: Magnetic Powder Flaw Detection, Breakage test, and fatigue test.
  • Finish: Red or Yellow Coated, hot-dip galvanized.
  • Application: Lifting, webbing straps, tow chains, lashing.
  • Packing: Plywood cases.
  • Bespoke sizes are available.


Webbing Delta Ring Diagram
Size inWT kg/eaB.L TonMBS lbsA mmB mmD mmE mm

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