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Bolt Type Anchor Shackle|Safety Bolt Pin Bow Shackles

Bolt Type Anchor Shackle|Safety Bolt Pin Bow Shackles

Bolt type Anchor Shackle is Bow Shackles with safety bolt pin, which is drop forged, quenched & tempered for maximum strength. The ultimate strength is 6 times the working load. The safety bolt pin of alloy steel has a nut and cotter pin to secure the shackles during critical application use. The surface will be hot-dip galvanized. Sizes from 1/3T to 55T and can bespoke.

G2130 Bolt type anchor shackles


  • Material: Alloy Steel Bolts & Bows.
  • Sizes: Dia 3/16″ to 4″.
  • Heat Treatment: Quenched &Tempered.
  • Fatigue rated: 1/3-150 Ton.
  • Finish: Hot Dip galvanized or Self Colored.
  • Breaking Load: 6 times Working load.
  • Applications: Lifting, Cable Tension, Mooring, Pull testing.
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B30.26.
  • Approved for use at -40 degree C (-40 degree F) to 204 degree C (400 degree F)


G2130 Bolt type Anchor Shackles Diagram
Size (in)WLL (t)lbs/eaA inB inH inE inC inG inP inC in (Tolerance +/-)A in (Tolerance +/-)
 3/16 1/30.060.380.250.880.61.470.980.190.060.06
 1/4 1/20.110.470.311.130.781.841.
 5/16 3/40.220.530.381.220.842.091.470.310.060.06
 7/16 1-1/20.490.750.51.691.162.912.030.440.130.06
 5/8 3-1/41.681.060.772.381.694.192.940.690.130.06
 3/4 4-3/42.721.250.892.8124.973.50.810.250.06
 7/8 6-1/23.951.441.023.312.285.834.030.970.250.06
1 8-1/25.661.691.153.752.696.564.691.060.250.06
 1-1/8 9-1/28.271.811.254.252.917.475.
 1-3/8 13-1/215.832.251.535.253.639.166.381.50.250.13

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