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3-Leg Wire Rope Slings|Triple Leg Bridle Wire Rope Slings

3-Leg Wire Rope Slings|Triple Leg Bridle Wire Rope Slings

3-leg wire rope slings have three legs of wire rope. G80 master link is connected on the top of the triple leg wire rope slings. The end of 3 leg bridle wire rope slings are fitted with eye hooks, shackles, rings. Bespoke sizes of 3 leg cable slings are available.

3-leg wire rope slings
  • Standard: According to EN13411-1: 2003; EN13411-3: 2004; GB/T 16271-2009; GB/T14734-2009.
  • The specification of the wire rope in the form is 6 x37 +FC -1670Mpa.
  • This form with three status working load. The 60°is the priority if the customers without any special requirement.
  • Different construction rope with different working load, we can calculate the working load according to the steel wire rope construction which the customer required.
  • Safety factor: Both ends of fittings with safety factor 5, master link & hook safety factor is 4, Shackles safety factor is 6.
  • The length of the wire rope according to the customer’s request.


Rope Dia (inch)WLL (Ton) 60°WLL (Ton) 45°WLL (Ton) 30°Master Link DIA (inch).Shackle (inch)Eye hook (ton)
1/4””3/8”3/4 ton
3/8”3.732.23/4”1/2”1.5 ton
1/2””5/8”3 ton
5/8”108.35.91”3/4”5 ton
3/4”15128.41- 1/4”7/8”7 ton
7/8”2016111- 1/4”1”7.5 ton
1”2621151-3/4”1-1/8”10 ton
1-1/8”3125182”1-1/4”15 ton
1-1/4”3831222-1/4”1-3/8”15 ton
1-3/8”4638272-1/4”1-1/2”20 ton
1-1/2”5545322-3/4”1-3/4”22 ton
1-3/4”7460422-3/4”2”30 ton
2”9578553-1/4”2-1/2”37 ton

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