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Jaw & Jaw Swivel|Fork to Fork/Double Jaw Mooring Swivels

Jaw & Jaw Swivel|Fork to Fork/Double Jaw Mooring Swivels

Jaw & Jaw Swivel is known as the fork to fork swivel, double jaw/clevis swivel. The swivels are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance in seawater. The swivel rotation design will reduce the chain or rope kinking. The jaw with a screw pin for easy opening & locking. For lifting applications, please refer to our lifting swivels or shackles. Bespoke sizes are available.

Jaw & Jaw Swivel
  • Material: Stainless Steel 316, 304 Solid bar.
  • Finish: Highly Polished.
  • Process: Precision casting.
  • Features: AISI316 Stainless steel is marine grade due to its good performance of corrosion resistance.
  • Swivel for Free Rotation with 360-degree.
  • Screw pin For Clevis will be easy opening & locking.
  • Standard: European Standard, US Federal Specifications Standard.
  • Packing: Carton with pallet.
  • Bespoke sizes are available.
  • Applications: Mooring.


jaw to jaw swivel diagram
ItemØ mmA mmB mmC mm
5mm Jaw - Jaw Swivel5111060
6mm Jaw - Jaw Swivel6111266
8mm Jaw - Jaw Swivel8161688
10mm Jaw - Jaw Swivel102220118
13mm Jaw - Jaw Swivel132828152
16mm Jaw - Jaw Swivel163734188
19mm Jaw - Jaw Swivel194538229

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