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Fast Connector Socket|Super Reeve Connector Socket|Ropeblock Wedge Sockets

Fast Connector Socket with Bolt and Nut, which is also called Super reeve connector socket, ropeblock wedge socket, is a forged or cast clevis socket as per EN 10204-2.1 for quick connecting of wire rope. The unique design of Ropeblock sockets make the socket fit for the wire rope well. The connector socket will be molded or cast with the wire rope with wire lock resin. The sizes range from 11 mm to 48 mm. Also, the surface can be finished with galvanizing or painting.

Fast Connector Socket
  • Material: Alloy Steel 35CrMo
  • Finish: hot dipped galvanized, Painting or upon request.
  • Temperature Range: -20 °C up to +200 °C.
  • Standard: EN 10204-2.1.
  • Spelter Socket Pins: Threaded end for nuts/Cotter, safety bolt, nut, and cotter pin for choices.
  • Zinc or Resin Poured
  • Packing: Ply-wooden cases.
  • Sizes: From 11 mm to 48 mm(fit for wire rope diameter. 
  • Bespoke sizes are available.
  • Applications: Can be used to terminate all constructions of wire rope including high performance ropes, anti-rotation ropes and standard 6 strand ropes.


Model nr.Reeving aidMBL
for wire ø(mm)for wire ø(inch)A mmB mmC mmøH mmøP mmT mmW mmD mmøD mmøJ mmK mmTB mmTL mmWeight
FCS 701 B-2011-137/16 - 1/26261271525122550334946801501,6
FCS 702 B-2513-161/2 - 5/87278321830143258386059961822,6
FCS 703 B-4016-195/8 - 3/485934021351638704570691072184,5
FCS 704 B-5520-227/81021064524411944805082811232536,5
FCS 705 B-7523-261115123602851225110460959013829811
FCS 706 B-9027-2911/814015265325725571147010711616035716
FCS 705 B.SRT 7057523-261115123602851225110460959013829811
FCS 706 B.SRT 7069027-2911/814015265325725571147010711616035716
FCS 707 B.SRT 70612530-3211/415015973366328631268011912016538218
FCS 708 B.SRT 70612533-3613/816017173396428691268512513018540423
FCS 709 B.SRT 70915037-3911/217618780427030761429013614220144329
FCS 710 B.SRT 70917040-4215/818819888457633761569514215020947436
FCS 711 B.SRT 71122543-4813/4 - 17/82102321005289398917611016717523754258

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